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The 10 Best Cafes in Ankara, Near Tunalı Hilmi Cd.

Looking for the best cafes in Ankara to enjoy coffees and teas? This blog post will give you all the must-visit Ankara cafes near Tunalı Hilmi Avenue.

Although we Ankara people call it Tunalı for short, this area, which is normally called Tunalı Hilmi Street, is one of the few famous places in Ankara where the heart of Ankara is officially beat and where the most beautiful cafes are located.

coffee place in ankara kruvasante
Caffeine-The other Vitamin C

When it comes to places to visit and places to visit in Ankara, there are many cafes to visit in the Tunalı region, which is one of the first places that comes to mind.

In crowded meetings with friends, birthday organizations and even first dates from tinder(lol), people naturally want the meeting place to be a little special. Those who are tired of sitting in chain coffee shops such as Starbucks and Coffee Lab and are tired of the same coffee and sweet tastes all the time want to try new alternatives.

Ankara cafe

As David Lynch said, “Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all.” You are so right David..

By the way, I suggest playing the coffee shop music list in the background while reading the blog about the best cafes in Ankara.

At this point, your Ankara blogger Gezginilla(swh) has decided to start a series of cafes blog posts that you should go to in Ankara. At this point, I wanted to write my first blog post as the cafes that should be visited on Tunalı Hilmi Street, one of the most visited places in Ankara.

I have finally started the series of the most beautiful cafes to visit in Ankara by passing these places through a deep filter for you!

Let’s take a look at cafe suggestions in Ankara near Tunalı Hilmi Avenue and what are the cafes that must be visited around Bestekar and Tunisia Street, first in a list and then in detail.

Best Cafes in Ankara near Tunalı Hilmi Cd.

  • Kruvasante
  • Cafe Des Cafes
  • Amelie’s Garden Succulent & Coffee
  • A4 Kahve
  • Cafemiz
  • Mojo and More
  • Cafe Botanica
  • Varuna Gezgin Cafe
  • Paper Roasting Coffee & Chocolate
  • Lou Cafe Bistro


Kruvasante is the one of my favorite places in Ankara. They have the best croissant in Ankara. And of course, coffee is pretty good too. There are lots of coffee choices.

best coffee shops in ankara

Service is quite speedy and friendly. The prices are also reasonable. Kruvasante is quite popular in Tunalı area. You will definitely revisit this place!

There’s always a waiting line in front of the place. But, it’s worth it. 🙂

Cafe Des Cafes

The whole experience is awesome in Cafe Des Cafes. The atmosphere is unique and the garden nice. The staff is friendly and helpful.

best coffee in ankara
Cafe Des Cafes

They serve earl grey tea as well as good coffee. Highly recommended! We can say for Cafe Des Cafes that one of the best cafes in Ankara.

Amelie’s Garden Succulent & Coffee

Amelie’s Garden Succulent & Coffee is of my favorite places in Ankara.

Cozy place, good music, and super friendly staffs. Staff speaks English too! You will definitely come this place again.

amelies garden ankara coffee shops
Amelie’s Garden

Service staff are friendly and hospitable. Large cafe with many seats and good and cosy environment. Also they have beautiful ceramics on sale. If you are a cacti lover, you will really love here. 🙂

They sell local art work and cacti. You can buy a small cacti in a beautiful handmade ceramic pot. Great gift ideas! Super concept!

A4 Kahve

Great coffee, delicious desserts. Place for you and your friends to chat and spend time together in the evenings. Definitely recommended A4 Kahve.

ankara coffee shops
A4 Kahve

Pleasant ambiance and good coffees. Perfect for meetings.


Not only coffees, but also design, garden and atmosphere mesmerized me in Cafemiz.

cafes to visit in ankara cafemiz

They have lovely atmospher with a little English style. Nice service and price. I’d highly recommend this cafe. Also, Cafemiz is great for breakfast. Sundays they have buffet brunch.

Mojo and More

I love the details and decor, filled with vintage items, it’s really cosy yet classy inside. They have nice blended coffee and delicious foods.

bast cafes in ankara near tunalı hilmi caddesi
Mojo and More

Staff was very friendly and spoke Turkish and English. Good place to chill out in Ankara.

Lovely atmosphere, cozy and comfortable. Super nice staff.

Cafe Botanica

Botanica Cafe is a hidden gem in the middle of the Ankara. They have nice atmosphere with lots of plants.

ankara cafe suggestions
Cafe Botanica

Quite and calm place. Prices are okay. Great place to drink coffee and chat with friends. Also, perfect for a date night. 🙂

Varuna Gezgin Cafe

I love the Varuna Gezgin cafe because of the travel concept. You know, i am a travel blogger 😛 They have really good story about the their consept.

Great atmosphere. Excellent service and fantastic menu. Eclectic decor.  A neat place to chill out and catch up with friends.

varuna gezgin cafe ankara tunalı avenue cafe
Varuna Gezgin Cafe

They have actually great beers and food, a lot of tasty international dishes as well as good coffees. I really liked the interior decor.

Very close to Tunali Hilmi street.

Paper Roasting Coffee & Chocolate

The coffees they prepare are outstanding and quality.

famous coffee shops in Ankara
Paper Roasting Coffee

Staff was very kind and helpful. Paper Roasting Coffee is super cute and has a really nice atmosphere. They have great vibes and interior decor.

Make sure you try the sea salt caramel latte. It is superb! Coco latte is amazing too! Drink from the coconut shell 🙂

Definitely recommend.

Lou Cafe Bistro

Great ambiance and delicious coffees in Lou Cafe Bistro. Wonderful decoration, polite personnel. Suitable for dates and gatherings.

A bit pricey but totally ok for the location and quality.

Things to do in ankara
Cafe makes everything better

Even bad coffee is better… than no Coffee at all.

David Lynch

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